Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tool #3

I am going to utilize Dropbox in my classroom this year for online storage.  This site would be wonderful for my students to use for individual and group projects to store all of the wonderful information and resources they have discovered online.  There have been instances in which students have found great resources, but due to various reasons have lost the specific website/source and were not able to relocate it.  From a teacher perspective, I could use this space to organize resources related to specific units and topics of study.  Discovery Education is a resource that I regularly use in my classroom.  I am going to work on my search techniques within the website.  The vast amount of videos are sometimes overwhelming and I want to make sure my search is specific and narrow.  I typically use videos, or segments of videos, to introduce students to new vocabulary.

This video contains the lyrics to a song about the Water Cycle.  This song introduces the vocabulary associated with the Water Cycle in a catchy way.  I wish there were actual pictures of the water cycle to go along with the lyrics...

This video is another catchy song that will help students learn the State Capitols.  There is also a version of this video that is in slow motion! :) 

Copyright and fair use laws should be respected and researched.  It is important to know what we can legally have rights to as educators.    

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