Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tool #5

My Animoto

Meet Ms. Badrak:  Family, Friends, UT, Houston
I made this Animoto to quickly introduce myself to my students at the beginning of the year.  Students can create personal Animotos containing pictures and/or images as well as descriptions of their favorite people and things.  These videos will be presented to the class by each student.  This would be a great way to learn how to search and save images from the web as well as a wonderful way to build classroom community.  This can be done at the beginning of the year as a whole class (each student would have a personal Animoto) or done week by week in the form of a weekly Star Student (one student presents each week).

Wordle is a wonderful web resource!  It is fun way to introduce vocabulary or chunk important information/words for various subjects.  This Wordle introduces names of different types of landforms.

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